Friday, September 20, 2013

Opa! Tudo bem? September 16, 2013

A P-day Hike
Elder Miller saw cows, but did not sit on them!
(See the picture from Dec. 10, 2012)
Opa! Tudo bem? [Hi! Is everything good?]

This week was ok.... We didn’t baptize :((((( But we’re going to work our bums off to baptize this coming Sunday. We kind of had problems with our investigators. We spent a lot of time helping a few people this week... Monday through Saturday.... and then on Sunday they . . . and didn’t go to church. :( As a missionary, people’s free agency is annoying. haha I’m sure it’s annoying for God too sometimes. Ha But I have faith that this week will be better.

We spent a lot of time finding new families this week and we found 4! I feel like two of them have a lot of potential and we're excited to keep working with them.

I went on divisions with my district and had a lot of success helping them in their areas.
It’s been interesting getting used to the trio... but I think we’ve hit our stride now with the teaching and living in a small house. We joke around a lot and have a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying having 2 comps. ha Last night when Elder Eulogio was in the bathroom Elder Bedford and I took the wood out from underneath Elder Eulogio's bed... so when he came in he jumped on his bed and the mattress fell through haha. It was hilarious and I filmed it to show you... but it won’t let me attach it on here... so you will have to wait another year to see it ha

To answer qs. [questions] Yes, everyone stares at us. Before Elder Bedford got here I was the tallest white guy in Tamandaré I think... but he's huge ha

Mom, if you haven’t sent my package yet can you put Velveeta shells and cheese in there? What classes are you going to take now?? I’m confused on what’s going on.

Dad, how big is the dent?? [First time he takes the new car to church someone--probably a kid--threw a door into it! :( ] Send some pics of the work in the garage next week... I want to see.

Ryan! I wish I could go on a vacation like that. It looks like you went all over the West Coast!

Remington, way to mow the lawn bud. Keep up the good work! Are you excited for the puppy?

I love you all and miss you. I can’t believe it’s almost one year I’ve been out. Time flies!

Elder Miller

He has now left his mark on Brazil.

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