Sunday, September 15, 2013

Opa September 9, 2013

Três Amigos
Another good week :)
My second son’s name is Elder Eulogio . . . from Peru! He is awesome!! He has a powerful testimony and a strong desire to serve!! I’m stoked to train him this transfer and learn from him too! (Hopefully, I can learn a little Spanish :))

Elder Bedford’s doing well. He’s huge ha. I think before he got here I was the tallest person in Tamandaré. He’s a hard worker and excited to be here too.

We didn’t baptize . . . but we found some awesome investigators and we will for sure baptize again this month! We did confirm C. and T. though! And A. helped! It was awesome!! (Speaking of A. . . .  A. and D. made a Facebook and added you, Mom and Dad!) ha

Remi.. I hope you’re doing well buddy. It sounds like you’re working hard and making money. If I was you, next time I would chose the Miata ride and rocket launch over garbage trucks... but that’s just me. ha
Ryan . . . I’m jealous you got to go back to Visalia. Did you see Vincent by chance? I doubt it ha. Are you still in Santa Cruz or are you back in Rexburg? Has the campus changed a lot since I left?
Mom . . . I’m excited for my package!!! That’s crazy he [our dentist] ripped his bicep... I don’t think that’s normal.. ha. Yes, I did get a pair of good boots from Elder Cruz! :) ha . . . I’m sure you got an A on your test though. You always do. :) ha

Dad . . . I’m jealous of the Miata rides and Outback. I miss American food. Your talk was awesome. I read it all . . .  and maybe I will print it out. Your understanding of the gospel is impressive and your ability to teach it even more so.

Well, I love you all. You’re in my prayers and thoughts always. I’m not trunky, though ha. I’ll attach some pics.


Elder Miller

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