Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Further Adventures of Elder Reece and Elder Reeves May 27, 2013

Oiii familia!

So this week was a good one. We had interviews with President Cordon (the last before he heads home) and it was really good.

R. and F. weren’t baptized. Friday night we brought them cookies that we made, to celebrate R's breaking her record (11 days without smoking) and we marked to go by on Saturday for her baptismal interview... but when we went by no one was home.... and they didn’t go to church on Sunday... so Sunday evening we went by to see what happened, and they had just decided to go to R’s mom’s house, I guess. And then we found out R. smoked :((((((((((((((((((( It’s SOOO annoying ha... We have spent so much time with her and F. and gone by literally every day for the past 12 days... and now it seems like they aren’t progressing anymore...  

But there is good news.... E. is doing super well! Last night we were at her house with her whole family and talked about keeping the Sabbath holy and it went really well. She already knew about the Sabbath day, because she’s heard about it in church, and she had already got her work to give her Sundays off (she almost quit because they weren’t going too)... And then at the end of the lesson we started talking about her baptism and how it will be, and Elder Reeves asked if there was someone she would like to baptize her… and before he finished asking, she blurted out, “Elder Miller!” ha I’m so happy for her and so excited to baptize her!!! She is so elect!

We also had 5 other investigators at church that are all really progressing... One of them (P.) was brought by a member and afterwards we asked her if she liked church and she said she loved it and wants to have us over :))

We have found so many new investigators this week its crazy!! Elder Reeves and I are super busy!! We also started teaching our neighbors that live on the left side of our house... they are soo cool. Two families live there (It’s a total of 7 people)… So hopefully we can help them all get baptized!!!

Oh, something funny... Friday night Elder Reeves and I were walking in front of the church and saw there was an activity going on and stopped in to use the bathroom. We were both doing our business and we heard the alarm get turned on (there’s as motion sensitive alarm in the church that makes a loud chirping noise when you turn it on)... We peeked out the bathroom door and all the lights were off and every one had left. I guess what had happened was that we walked in when the last people were leaving and no one had seen us go in. ha And about 2 minutes after they turned on the alarm and left. We were locked in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, because we couldn’t leave or the alarm would go off ha. I tried yelling out the bathroom window to get people’s attention but they didn’t hear me ha. Finally we called one of Bishop’s counselors and he drove down and let us out. I’ll send a pic thought ha.

It sounds like the trip to see Grandma was productive… I’m happy you went to see her and that she’s going to have some help now... She my last grandparent and I want her to live A LOT longer!

Mom & Dad... I love you and miss you. I think I got 11 right on the test about Revelations... (3 of those were lucky guesses haha), but I passed :)

Ryan...I knew you would get better with the sales... You’re a boss. Work hard, play hard. and take that singer on a date!! ha Anddddddddddd HAPPY BDAY! I  just realize when I email next week it will be a day late, so I thought I’d say it now.  I’ll write a good long email for you next p-day though. But I love you bro and I hope it’s an awesome b-day full of sales and dates with attractive daughters of God :) HAPPY 24th you old fart!!!

Remington, I love you and miss you buddy. Quit growing so fast… You can’t be taller than  me when I get home or I’ll beat you up.

Well, that’s all for now.

Love you all so much :) 

Elder Miller


It was Memorial Day and we were home and able to catch Elder Miller online. Here are snippets of the conversation... When we asked what his plans were for his Pday he said:

Work out and take a nap!! ha Super exciting!

We are all here now. Dad says to keep loving R.!

Remington says you have it easier than him -- he has to mow two yards once they get the lawnmower fixed!

We will, Dad. And Remington you goober.. you love mowing the lawns, don’t act like it’s hard! Ha

Scott asked how they get so many investigators to church on Sundays and we told him to do his “business” at home so he won’t get locked in the church!

ha IDK, we just confirm on Saturday night and the ward  helps a lot!

But yeah, I’ll just try and "go" in our house bathroom from now on!

I sent the pics. Mom and Dad, thanks for the money!!!! I love you guys. I’m out of time though.

Love, Elder Miller





We got locked in the bathroom (they turned the motion sensitive-alarm on because they didn’t know we were still in the church).


The telephone booths here are just the right size for me.





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