Monday, June 3, 2013

A Baptism -- So Proud He's Popping Buttons June 3, 2013

E's Baptism, June 2, 2013
Oii tudo mundo...

This week was awesome!!! One of the best I have had on the mission!

It started off with finding an elect named I. We were eating lunch with a family in the ward and one of the sons who’s getting ready to go on the mission had his girlfriend over. I have seen her lots of times at church and always thought she was a member... Elder Reeves, too. ha We were both shocked to find out she’s not a member!!! We started talking to her and asking her basically why she hadn’t been baptized yet and she explained how her mom wouldn’t let her get baptized till she turned 18... she had already been taught the first lesson and prayed about the Book of Mormon (and got an answer) all about a year ago... She then told us she turns 18 this Tuesday (tomorrow) :)))) and that she wanted to hear the lessons. So this week we have been going by a lot and helping her get ready for her baptism that will be this Sunday!

Then on Thursday... we baptized E.!! She is such an elect and her baptism went so well. We had a good turn out from the ward which is surprising for a Thursday. The Bishop gave a little message and welcomed her to the ward and the spirit was very strong when he was talking. Something funny though... my baptismal pants are a little tight ha I have to suck in to button them.... not because I’m getting fatter though, they were like that when I left. They're the ones you gave to me, Dad... which I don’t know how you fit into them either ha... Anyway, they have worked just fine up until now and I’ve never had a problem... but when I was baptizing E., as I bent down to pick her up out of the water the button popped off. haha... No one noticed but I quickly hurried out of the font because it was pretty obvious haha.

 [I think they might know now, Elder! You do remember all those times you hacked my Facebook...]

But on Sunday she received the Holy Ghost and later on in gospel principles [Sunday School class], the lesson was about baptism, and the brother teaching the lesson asked her lots of question about her baptism... he asked her how she felt during the baptism and she explained how when she was under water she felt like her sins were leaving her and that she was being cleaned in the very moment. It was so cool hearing her testimony. And she said she felt an incredible warmth when she received the Holy Ghost, too!

E. and G. are doing well too. Last week we re-invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon (They hadn’t prayed about it yet.) Then at the end of last week we did a family home evening with E., G. and A. and D. and all their kids. At the time we didn’t know it, but E. and G. had gone to the doctor the day before to see about E's leg (It’s got a bullet in it, that can’t be removed). The doctor explained that he wouldn’t ever be able to bend his leg at the knee again or to control that movement. Then after the family night was over, he was trying to explain to A. what the doctor said... and out of nowhere lifted his leg up (bending it at the knee). He was shocked and G. was too! G. cried a little, actually, because she was so happy. But when we went by this week we asked if they had read and prayed... and he explained how they had both read and prayed right before the family night, and that they were waiting for their answer... and they both felt that his leg miraculously being able to move was their answer! I hadn’t even thought of it like that! But it’s crazy to see the way God works! They are now getting their documents together so they can legally get married and then get baptized :)

Also, this week we have been building a house for a lady in the ward... she was living in a shack basically, made of rotten wood, and it didn’t have a bathroom (IDK what she was doing-- maybe using her sisters that lives down the street), but all the Priesthood brethren have gotten together and started building her house, and Elder Reeves and I helped quite a bit, too. It so awesome seeing how grateful she is, and being able to serve with such an awesome Priesthood body.

Also we have had a lot of success with our other investigators and found a few other new [investigators] that have lots of potential.

This weekend we are getting ready for a marriage and two more baptisms!!! D. and A. are going to get married this Friday!! And she will be getting baptized on Saturday!! The Ward wants to do a little reception for her and A. on Saturday after the baptism so we are super excited for that!

Dad, there is going to be a lot more of that in my life! [They are talking about Reece sitting on random bulls sitting along the road -- see earlier post!] I want to run with the bulls in Spain!! And actually ride one, too, like in a rodeo!
Mom, I wasn't robbed! [His bank balance suddenly disappeared, so of course I worried.] It costs 5 dollars every time I take money out or even look at my balance, so I just do everything at once. Don't worry!

Ryan!!! HAPPY BDAY!!! Para bens pra voçe!! 24 years young!! I’m so stoked for you Ryan. I’m glad sales are going well! I knew you’d get the hang of it! Your B-day sounded fun and I almost wish I could have been there ha... I’ll just miss one more though... and the 26th we will party together!! I have a few things I’ve already bought for you and for everyone in the fam, but it’s expensive to send them... so you will have to wait another year and 3 months to get your presents... sorry bro ha. But I love you and I am so grateful to have you as a big brother. Thank you for your example bro. um abraço!!

Remington, I love you too buddy. I hope you’re doing great. Only 3 more days of school!!! You lucky bum! What are your plans this summer???
Elder Miller



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