Monday, May 13, 2013

Where's Mom When I Need Her? May 13, 2013

Mom, I realized after the Skype I completely forgot to wish you a happy Mother's Day! [His mom was so thrilled with seeing him and the great conversation with all my boys that I didn’t even notice!] So I wanted to take a minute and do it now . . . Happy Mother's Day!
It was so good to see you all yesterday. I was really tired and not very entertaining . . . but it was still so nice to talk to you all.

Anyway . . . back to Mother's Day. When I first got here to Almirante Tamandaré, we cleaned the house (it had been very neglected). It took a couple hours, but it looks a lot better now ha. But there used to a be an old bookshelf full of moldy books at the back of the house (super moldy), so we took most of the books out and burned them and threw the book shelf away . . . but I kept one of the books that we found called "Where’s Mom, Now that I Need Her?" (I attached a pic)
It’s more or less a cooking/house remedies and cleaning tricks-book that’s actually been helpful. ha It’s been sitting on my desk for the past two months and every time I see it, I think of you : ) I  am so happy I never had to ask that question, "Where’s Mom now that I need her?" You always have been there for me, Mom. From the arduous task of back to school shopping and the AYSO soccer games, to over-the-phone advice at BYUI. And even now, when I am 7000 miles away (IDK how many miles actually!) [About 4,300 miles.] you send me peanut butter, letters and whatever else I might be needing. Thank you, Mom. I am so grateful that I have the wonderful mom that I do, and that I have not even once had to ask that question "Where’s Mom, now that I need her?" because you really have always been there for me.

[Good job, Reece – you made Mom cry.]

Also, please stop with the hinting at the fact that you were not or are not a good mother . . . it talks about lying in 2 Nephi 9:34... and the consequences are very serious : ) ha

Well, there really isn’t much to tell, because I just talked to you all yesterday.

Anyway, I love you all. And I’ll talk to you next week. : )

Elder Miller

I’ll send some pics!
[Elder Miller said he cracked his companion up, when he told him, "I cut my finger this morning when I was washing the blender in the shower." The water to their sinks went out, so they had to do dishes in the shower for few days.]
[Only Reece would try to look tough while cuddling kittens (you know that's what he was doing.).]
Almirante Tamandaré
Elder Reeves and Elder Miller
[This is the shot we are going to frame!]

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