Monday, May 6, 2013

A "Rough"/good week. May 6, 2013


Just a few pics real quick. The first one is of the area.

The second one... our neighbor who’s a member just got a little puppy, and every time we come home it runs up to us and runs in our house when we open the door. I wanted to take a pic with it to show you guys and it started licking my ear and the pic turned out cool ha!
The last one there was this weird drawing of like voodoo stuff, on the desk that I use in our house... so I scratched it off and drew/carved the First Vision instead. ha

So this week was little rough actually! I think it’s the first email that’s started like that ha! But we just had a few setbacks and difficulties with some of the people we are teaching. But... it’s nothing we can’t handle!
R. smoked again this week. :( BUT Elder Reeves and I fasted for them this weekend, that R. would be able to quit smoking... and we went by last night after we broke [our fast] and she said... she had tried to smoke actually... but when she lit the cigarette the smell made her feel sick so she threw it away. :) Fasting works ha! We’re not giving up on them!!!
A. and D. marked their marriage!! We don’t know for what day. A’s bday is the 16th and they were gunna try and bribe the place to get it done on the 16th. So today we will find out if it worked!
Yesterday we walked way out in the jungle to teach a family of 5 and when we got there... there were 9 adults! And the kids too! We ended up teaching like a mini sermon. ha It went really well, and they all had awesome questions. We'll go back by this week to see how reading the Book of Mormon went!
I went on splits with the Elder my District Leader is training (because D.L. interviewed D.) and he doesn’t even have a week in the field. I helped him on his contacts and it was way fun actually! And for some reason during the day we had like 5 or 6 drunk people come up to us and start talking to us (way more than usual) but I think it startled him ha.
Other than that my week was pretty normal. I got a guitar... IDK [I don't know] if I mentioned that, another Elder that’s going home gave it to me. It’s actually pretty nice and I’ve already learned a few songs (“Nearer My God to Thee” and “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”), so I’m excited about that.
Mom I’m stoked for the peanut butter!! Haha I and Elder Reeves have been craving some!! Also Remi and Ryan I’m stoked for the letters!

OH!!! Skype this week!!!! I’m calling at like 3 here I think!!!! So be on and be ready!!!!! I’m so excited to see you all!
The suit will be fine I think. There is a seamstress in our ward...I actually made a sign for her, and she said she will stitch it up for free. It’s not on a seam, but it will get them to last!
Oh also, F. is really into am radios! I told him about how my Grandpa had a big tower and stuff and his eyes were huge. ha But he wanted to know if I had one of the cards with Grandpa’s number on it... he’s never actually seen one of the cards ha! He’s just heard people talking about them on the radio. So, if you could mom... in my room right above the door way I have one of Gpa's card framed. Could you send it to me? Also, IDK if you could do this Dad, but I was wondering if you could make some cards for him, if they are cheap? If not it’s no problem but I thought it be sweet to give him his own... he would probably cry!

But that’s all for now. I love you all and I am so excited to see you this Sunday!!!!

Love, Elder Miller
Mom and Dad and Remi and Ryan!
I’ll be Skyping at like 1 o’clock your time or 2 o’clock my time!!!


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