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You'll Be Quizzed at the End! May 20, 2013

Oi tudo mundo,

This week was awesome! We marked 5 baptism dates!! And we had 8 investigators at church!

Last week we ate lunch on Mother’s Day with a family that’s been members for about two years. After we left a spiritual message, we started talking with the daughter who is 22 and not a member... after talking for a minute she basically told us she wanted to be baptized... Elder Reeves and I were shocked, ha but we marked a date for the 30th of this month! We’ve gone by a few times and taught her and she is seriously SO ready to baptized!

R's gone 5 days without smoking so were excited for her... were really hoping she stops for good this time.

We did a huge family home evening with A. and D. and G. and E. and all of their kids on Saturday night! It went really well, and on Sunday they all went to church... which I was really impressed with... E. walked 3 miles with a bullet in his hip (he got shot three months ago) and I know it hurts to walk for him... he refused a ride though ha.

We also went and taught L. the friend of one of the families in the ward and she has already read a ton of the book of Mormon! She is progressing really well and already been to church twice. We’re going to mark a date her baptism this week!

Mom and Dad, the Sock Hop looks sweet, I’m excited for you two to take lessons ha!

Remington it sounds like you’re having a blast!

To answer questions... No, Mom, I did not eat the caterpillar. [See picture in previous post -- The most asked question about Elder Miller's blog!] Haha

No, I didn’t get the pants fixed... it’s not on the seam so I don’t think the can be, but I have a pair that almost matches the jacket... and on a mission you can get away with it ha.

Ryan how are the sales coming???

Dad I did the quiz* and I think I did well... but there aren’t any answers so it’s hard to tell... can you send me the answers? Actually I guessed on a lot but there were a few gimmies. I just know it was ______ that wrote it (It’s proof that Saint Clement (the Pope) didn’t have authority ha). I think Revelation means ________ ... in Portuguese it’s called apocalipse so it almost the same ha.

But I love you all. I miss you all and I’m glad you’re doing well.


Elder Miller

*Here's the quiz Elder Miller's Dad, Scott, made for his seminary class and shared with Reece:
1) “Revelation” comes from a Greek word “apokalyptein” meaning:
          a)   Destroy
          b)  Uncover
          c)   Hide
          d) Wake up
2) Who wrote Revelation?
          a)   Paul
          b)  Joseph Smith
          c)   Peter
          d) John
3) The main theme of Revelation is:
          a)   Good will triumph over evil
          b)  Repent
          c)   Lift up your head and stay awake in Seminary
          d) The restoration of the gospel was prophesied in the scriptures
4) What is the basic structure of it?
          a)   A review of several scriptural events throughout Jewish history
          b)  A story within a story
          c)   An overview of this world’s history from before the Fall to after it becomes a celestial kingdom
          d) A and B
5) To whom was Revelation written?
          a)   Eight kings of nations near the Mediterranean Sea
          b)  Seven churches in Asia Minor
          c)   Six of the early apostles
          d) Five golden rings
6) The audience of Revelation was:
          a)   Trying to restore the temple of Solomon amidst opposition by the Samaritans
          b)  Experiencing persecution from the Roman government
          c)   Yearning for more sleep in the morning
          d) On the verge of being translated under Enoch’s leadership
7) Why was Revelation’s author writing from the Isle of Patmos?
          a)   He was visiting a branch of the church there
          b)  He had moved there to escape persecution
          c)   He had been banished there by the Roman government
         d) Because the Isle of Gilligan was too cold that time of year
8) A tool used extensively in Revelation is:
          a)   Symbolism
          b)  Nepotism
          c)   Somnambulism
9) An example of the above tool is:
          a)   Angels, stars and spirits are used to refer to the bishops of the churches
          b)  Hiring only your relatives
          c)   Answering questions in Seminary even though you’re actually asleep
10) How many seals are opened?
          a)   5
          b)  8
          c)   7
          d) 6
11) What approximate time period is covered by each seal?
          a)   100 years
          b)  10,000 years
          c)   1000 years
          d) 10 years
12) When is the period covered by the first seal?
          a)   10,000 BC – 0 AD
          b)  4000 BC – 3000 BC
          c)   0 – 100 AD
          d) 2000 AD – 2010 AD
13) About which seal does the author write by far the most verses?
          a)   The sixth (our day)
          b)  The fifth (Christ’s day)
          c)   The seventh (the Second Coming/Millenium)
          d) The first (the era of the Patriarchs)
14) The four horses of the apocalypse are white, red, black and pale. Which of these is NOT a meaning of one of them?
          a)   Famine in the days of Joseph
          b)  War and wickedness of Noah’s day
          c)   The victory of Enoch
          d) Taxes today
15) In Judaism, the number 7 represented:
          a)   Satan
          b)  Completeness
          c)   The hour at which Seminary should start
          d) Light
Answers (I think!):
1. B
2. D
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. C
8. A
9. A
10. C
11. C
12. B
13. C
14. D
15. B

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