Monday, February 25, 2013

Oiii tudo mundo!! February 25, 2013

Oiii tudo mundo!!

So this week was ANOTHER good one. Every email is going to start off like that ha.

So I’m staying another transfer and super happy about it. When the new Elders and Sisters arrived in our zone, a few of them thought I was Brazilian, because I don't have an American accent!! So I was super happy about that... I still have days that are hard, but most of the time I am speaking really well.

So, Mom, Dad, Ryan and Sam, you already know, but they are dividing my mish! [It was announced this week, that in July the Brazil Curitiba Mission will be split in two, the other half becoming the Brazil Curitiba South Mission.] I want to stay in the south part... with Ponta Grossa and maybe Iaguacu Falls!! But either way, I’m sure I will end up where I’m needed.

This week we found some awesome investigators!!! We found an ex-pastor of an evangelical church... and he’s a super nice guy. He’s been soaking up the lessons and reading the book of Mormon, but he hasn’t prayed yet to ask if it’s true... but he will! I think were gunna baptize a pastor ha! Super cool. R., a teenager we have been working with, should be getting baptized this week. He was supposed to be baptized this past Sunday, and he passed the interview, but his mom wouldn’t let him because she thinks he’s not ready to be baptized... so we are working with her. She’s not a huge fan of the church, and somehow she knows a lot about baptisms for the dead ha, so it should be a fun week.

The family you asked about names are: M., D., [The man who was killed by the train.] and their 4 kids and I don’t know how to spell their names. Ha. They are progressing realçly [I left that Portuguese “ç” typo in there to show that Elder Miller’s keyboard must be different. It gives me hope for his spelling!] slowly, but we are still working with them. She is depressed I think, and she doesn’t have a lot of motivation to do anything (like read or go to church) but we're not giving up.

So a few random facts to end this email....we almost died on the way to another city called Castro to do a baptismal interview. We were in one of the double accordion busses and it was raining hard... and for some reason the bus driver started stopping super fast, and the back half of the bus (that we were in) swung around and went parallel with the front half ha! It was crazy, but no one was hurt.

Also, a crazy guy came up to me speaking ´´English.´´ ha. He was just speaking gibberish but he thought it made sense. I had to tell him like 20 times that he wasn’t speaking English... and he still thought he was. It was hilarious though, and it was in the middle of a bus terminal and tons of people were watching.

Also, we tried teaching a family last night and I’m not sure why, but the drunk husband wanted to fight me (I think because I’m white... but his wife was white too. ha) so that was exciting. He was a small guy, and drunk, so I was pretty confident ha-ha. But because I’m a missionary, we walked away as he was swearing. It was hard. ha

So that’s all for now. I love you all so much and miss you too,

Elder Miller
Elders Miller and A Silva and their wonderful Ward Mission Leader.
Happy birthday!

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