Monday, February 11, 2013

Bad hair week? February 11, 2013

Oiii tudo mundo,

So this week, we baptized B.Saturday! And he was confirmed on Sunday!!! I don’t know if I explained about B's family... but they [hadn't come to church for about 5 years] and we have got them all coming to church again... and they are really enjoying it!
It was a super good week! We marked 24 dates for baptism this week!!! But we didn’t have a lot of investigators in church this Sunday : ( Sunday was super cold and raining super hard, so I think no one felt like getting out of bed : ( But next week should be better...I want to have like 30 investigators in church. Ha. We had 4 [investigators] at B’s baptism and afterwards we taught them the first lesson and marked dates, so I’m hoping that goes well!!!

We taught the family of the man who was killed by the train a couple more times... and they forgot to go to church : ( But they are still progressing and I feel like the gospel is really bringing them comfort.

Also, this week I taught another guy for the first time... It went really well actually, and he has a lot of faith in Christ!

Also, I got a terrible haircut... The worst haircut of my life. Ha. But it will grow back. And I borrowed clippers from another missionary and fixed it up a little bit. Ha.

I don’t even know what else to say... I have so many investigators and people that we are helping I have no idea where to start. Ha. I’m loving it here!!! The transfer ends this Sunday and I’m a little worried I’m going to get transferred, but we will see what happens!!

So Ryan... that’s awesome you’ve got a good team!! You are going to make bank!!! Ha. All the Living Scriptures guys! Ha! Speaking of Living Scriptures... I saw it again down here... It’s pirated. No joke. Some other company pirated Living Scriptures for sure. It’s not Nest Entertainment. Ha. It’s some Brazilian company, but they only have like three or four of the films ha.
Mom that’s super cool Anthony was called to Brazil!! Que legal!
Ha Remi! Good job helping Dad with the shed!!! Did you have an interview at Publix? And congrats with the Sacrament, Buddy!! You will do awesome!
Dad, the shed looks awesome!!

Well, that’s all for now! I’m going to send pics.

Love you all,

Elder Miller

So this first picture is at a recent convert’s house. Their family is super cool... and their little girl, M. is soooo cute. Ha. She wanted to take a picture with me really bad! So I had to hold her up Ha.


The other one is at a family home evening we had with a bunch of members and investigators... we played a cool game where you make a mountain out of flour... and put a centavo (a coin) on top... and everyone has to cut a piece of the mountain away with a knife until it gets super small and falls.... and whoever makes it fall has to grap [grab] the coin using their mouth. Ha.


And the last one is B.'s baptism... It was an awesome day!!!

[PS Today the beautiful photo on is of Iguazu Falls in the state of Parana, Brazil, where Elder Miller is serving! He chose a photo of them for the background of this blog!]


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