Monday, February 18, 2013

Still in Ponta Grossa February 18, 2013

Soo... I'm staying in BON SUCESSO!!! Woop! I was a little nervous I was gunna leave this transfer, but I've got at least one more here in the Celestial Kingdom!! Which is good, because I think we are going to have even more baptisms this transfer!!

We didn't have a baptism this week : ( Our interviews fell through... no one was home, dang it! But they all went to church yesterday! So we will have the interviews this week!! But we had 8 good investigators in church yesterday... and I think all of them will be baptized this transfer! Hopefully a lot more ha.

Yesterday after church we had a family home evening with a recent convert family and it was super fun.... I shared a message about Christ.. and my comp said I sounded Brazilian when I was talking! And it's so weird, now I really don't have to try to talk or understand, it's just natural. I'm still learning new words everyday and working on my accent, but its so cool being able to just talk with out problems!

Dad and Mom! You two lovebirds are so cute ha. [We sent him pictures.] Thanks for the Valentine's help Mom and Dad... you guys are the best  : )

Ryan! That picture is awesome! I'm still a little confused where you are right now, [Ryan spent the long weekend with friends at a beautiful cabin in thesnowy mountains of the Idaho Palisades.] but I'm definitely jealous! It's super hot here right now, I'm sweating like crazy just typing this email!

So, I took lots of pics this week, and I will send a few real quick. Also, I made a few videos that are super funny. [No videos came through.]

I had to kick another dog in the face this week (he looked a lot like Truman, but about twice the size and he tried to bite me).

Oh! One other cool thing. Today I was studying scripture for personal study... and I'm reading in 2 Nephi where he's quoting Isaiah... in Portuguese, so it's a little hard to understand. ha So I turned to my English scriptures for help, and as I was flipping to the right page, I found my Patriarchal Blessing, and started reading. I felt the spirit so strong as I realized how accurate it has already been. It has so much counsel for me and my mission. It was crazy! It's seriously incredible how much guidance it gave me today, and how well our Father in Heaven knows each of us personally.

But I'm going to send those pics.

I love you all,

Elder Miller

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