Monday, March 4, 2013

Um abraço March 4,2013

REMINGTON! Mom, Dad, Ryan, Jaimee and Sam!

Thank you for the emails!
So, this week was terrible!!!!!

JK [Just kidding] It was another good one. But I am sick : ( I got sick like three days ago ands it's really sticking with me : ( But I'm working through it and we are having success.

Remington!!!!!!! Before I forget, that blower sounds awesome. You are so rich with over 200 dollars!!! Buy me a car?

Mom and Dad, the new car is pretty sweet. It moved you up 20 cool points! (So you have 20 now. haha)

Ryan, to answer your questions: What's the craziest experience you've had lately? How long does snail mail usually take to get to you from the states? Do you miss American food? And what's your current companion like?

The craziest experience lately: I saw someone get robbed! It was crazy and it was far away so there was nothing I could do. But they were fine and no one got hurt.
I think it takes like a month for letters to get here... It's pretty slow. Sometimes three weeks or two and-a-half if you're lucky.
I miss American food... a lot ha. I would kill for In and Out, or Five Guys, or one of Dad's hamburgers!
My current comp is way cool. He's CRAZY and can be super scattered (It gets pretty interesting when we teach -- sometimes I have to tie things like the restoration in with college, or the plan of salvation with soccer -- he loses his train of thought. ha) But he is so excited about the work!!!!!!
But this week, our investigators weren't progressing super well. We didn't have baptisms, because they drank coffee!!! Dangit! But we are gunna have three this next Sunday! I know it!!! Coffee is a huge problem here ha! But we also found an awesome family this week, and they are soaking up the lessons. The mom smokes, but she wants to quit so bad! I'm very excited to keep working with them.

And we had 10 investigators in church this week! And they all loved it!! I was so excited to have that many there, because the week wasn't a super good one, but that helped make it a lot better.

But thats all for now!

Love you all and miss you all!!!!

Um abraço, [a hug]

Elder Miller

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