Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Busy, busy February 4, 2013

So, another week down. They are starting to go by super fast!!! I feel like I was just writing you guys yesterday and I'm already writing again!

So this week... We had one baptism! G.! He's super cool. He's an 11-year-old and his dad baptized him! Right before I got here, his dad and step mom and older sister were baptized. But G. was living with his mom, who's not a member, in Curitiba... But he just came here to live with his dad... and so his dad asked if we could teach him. When we started he didn't know much about Jesus Christ or religion at all.... but he memorized literally every thing that we taught him... and now he is a genius ha. He is going to be a spiritual giant.. and it was so cool to see his dad baptize him!! It was super spiritual!

Also, we are going to have a baptism this week... B. is 13 years old and his family has been less active for the past five years. We have got the family coming back to church though!! And we taught B. and his step mom (who's not a member) all the lessons and now they are both getting baptized!! The mom quit smoking already.. but it's going to be a month at least until the mom is baptized, but she has a super strong desire. When we started teaching her she didn't know anything about religion and so she has come a long way in the past month! B. will be baptized this Saturday!!

So the parents of L. are going to wait for another week before they are baptized :( But M and K were confirmed this week! I love those kids. ha

Also, this week, we taught the wife and the family of the man who was killed by the train.... It wasn't very reverent when we started..... they have 4 little kids. But when we started talking about how they will have a chance to see their dad and live with him again...(and that he didn't go to hell because he wasn't baptized) it got so quiet and the Spirit was so strong.... It was an incredible experience. Wow.

Oh, RYAN and SAM... I was teaching a family on Sunday... and they were watching TV.... and they were watching Living Scriptures in Portuguese... the Old Testament about Abraham and Isaac!! It was crazy ha, and it was on TV! I don't now how, but it was most definitely Living Scriptures. ha
But that's all for now! I love you all. Ryan and Sam... where are my emails???? ha

Love You All,
Elder Miller

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