Monday, August 11, 2014

The Next to Last Email from Curititba

Oi fam,

Well, time is flying by. Seeing my flight itinerary made me trunky... ha 
I can’t believe there is only two weeks left. Crazy.

We were supposed to have a baptism this week, but President said he needed to wait a little but more to be baptized. It was sad, because he really wants to starts over and become a member of the church, but it’s probably the right thing to do.

His name is J., and since we have been teaching him we have flushed his weed and alcohol down the toilet, and this Sunday he showed up by himself at church at 7:30 . . . because he wanted to get there early "to talk to God." He’s a great guy . . . and hopefully before I go home I get to see his baptism.

We also have another lady that we are teaching named M., that came to church this Sunday and liked it. Hopefully, I get to see her baptism as well. ha She’s been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and already has a testimony, I think.

Mom, stop falling. ha That looks like it hurt.

Dad, Looks like I’ll be getting in at 9 on the 26th. ha

Ryan, when are you going out to Provo?

Remi, only two days left of summer? It goes by fast, huh?!!

Love you all,

Elder Miller

From the back-and-forth with Dad:

Dad: Hey, bud! Just called the library to tell Mom you’re on, but it’s busy. I’ll keep trying.

So how are you set for money? Did you call BOA, or decide not to worry about extending your card?

Glad to hear about J. I think the president is right, and if J. really is repentant he’ll wait. And good for M.! I hope you get to see them both baptized.

Elder Miller: I wasn’t able to call Bank of America . . . I don’t think I need to, though. There shouldn’t be any fees. I just will have two bags and my guitar which I think counts as a carry on.
And yeah hopefully he keeps going strong! He’s a great guy.

Dad: Will you be allowed to visit any previous areas or do any sightseeing before you leave?

Elder Miller: I think next Monday we are going to go to Park Tanguá. But other than that, no. I’d like to go visit a man I baptized in Tamandaré that’s less active now and try and help him.

I’m excited to date again. :) haha. You need to see the cover I made for my planner . . . It’s a tradition in the mission here to make a "trunky" cover for your last planner . . . mine’s about marriage. Haha

From Mom, at the last minute Elder Miller was on:
Mom: Love you, Reecer! Only 2 more. Make ‘em count!

Elder: Love you, too, Mom!!! I will!!!

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