Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jibber Jabber February 3, 2014

Well, I’ll start off by saying I loved the Jib Jab... [Valentine eCard with Mom and Dad’s faces pasted on the bodies of dancers doing the Brazilian samba.] Dad, I didn’t know you could dance like that... and Mom... modest is the hottest. haha
This week was pretty good. We found a lot of new investigators and a family of five that I think has a lot of potential. We confirmed the family of three and I ... the other J. had to work so won’t be confirmed until next Sunday. :( Hopefully this coming sin day [Sunday!] we baptize F. and T.... I's kids. We wanted to baptize them this Sunday but F. had to work and T. was traveling.... so hopefully this coming Sunday  they will take the plunge!!

A. [from Elder Miller's previous area of Almirante Tamandaré] told me this week that in like three more weeks he will be taking out his endowment and wants me to be there to help him out... I can’t wait to go with him!!
He’s gunner [going to] go first and then D. [his wife] will go in a few more months when they are sealed!!! It’s awesome how much they have changed.
Mom... thanks for the Jib Jab... When is Valentine’s Day?? Any news from BYU... And thanks for the Super Bowl info haha sound like you’re up to date on sports! [I didn’t know who was playing.] The Relief Society president of our ward was called as Stake Relief Society pres this Sunday and I thought of you...
Dad, I can’t believe you wake up at 4:00 in the morning... I would happily sleep more for you if I could. I liked that poem by President Monson... Don’t worry... I’ll def be finishing what I started ha... and yes they get home teachers right away... but that doesn’t mean they get visited right away... ha
I really hope Grandma makes it through... I want to see her again. She is in my prayers... Did she ever comment on my letters? I sent her two and I really hope she got them. [She did!]
Ryan... I loved the video. [Of Ryan's band in the Battle of the Bands.] It’s way higher quality and I could hear you way better.... I think had you chosen a song that people know a little better you would have won.... loved “Going the Distance”... you nailed the solo... especially at the start!!! You’re a stud... and I was stoked to find out you're lma [??? Ryan is branch mission leader]... I know you will be a good one!
Remington... your trip to Publix sounds fun... way to buy stuff by yourself!!! I miss root beer... they don’t have it here... an ice cold IBC would be so nice right now!!!
Well, I love you all... You’re in my prayers,
Elder Miller

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