Monday, February 17, 2014

It's Raining Sisters February 17, 2014

With a borrowed umbrella.
Well, this week wasn’t the best I have had on the mish. I was pretty bummed still from Kent... but we worked hard and I’m feeling better now. I did 8 baptismal interviews for a bunch of elders in the zones so we weren’t in our area as much as we should have been.
Our baptism... The 16 year old named Th. (who is the nephew of the 1st counselor) [went] to live with his mom who lives on the other side of Curitiba. :( So he wasn’t baptized...

But on Sunday at church... he showed up! And told us his grandma felt bad and she told him to come back. He’s a good kid... and he is changing a lot. He is going to be baptized this Saturday!
Unfortunately, Elder Paz won’t be here to see it. He is getting transferred. I have had so many comps in this area! It’s crazy!! It should be a good transfer. I think I can handle one more here... but it’s a small area and I have literally knocked every door... but I guess I’ll start knocking them all again. ha

Mom and Dad... do you think I still have a chance at BYU Provo? I’m glad I got into Idaho and I filled out the track questionnaire... but I want to go to PROVO! I’m glad they sent something about housing... I hope I get in.

If you could put money in my account I would be grateful... I want to buy new shoes. ha

The sweetheart dance looks fun. You two are good looking people... Dad you are such a stud. I hope I’m as cool as you when I’m 50. I can’t believe Shaun White didn’t medal... that’s disappointing... but at least I didn’t miss much haha.
Also, I think I have a wisdom tooth growing in... And it hurts... fortunately dental work is way cheaper here. ha

Ryan... How’s work, Bro? I hope you sold and that you’re enjoying it. Have you and your Elders baptized yet??? How was Gospel Principles this Sunday? [Ryan is Mission Leader in his Singles Branch, and teaches Gospel Principles Sunday School class.] Our teacher was released. 
Remi! Sounds like you have been having fun with Nick... and the dance [Regional Youth Dance] sounds cool, too... did you dance with some cute girls? Way to help Mom out being a server/bus boy [at the stake Sweetheart Ball]. You got a taste of what I did at Mimi's Cafe [restaurant where Reece worked since he was 16] I bet. ha

I sent some pics of me and my district... I told them all we had to take a pic without smiling... Also, I borrowed sister Lewis' umbrella when I was interviewing in her area. haha
Love you all,

Elder Miller


Did you find the pic of Kent from the golfing trip?

The District Pic



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