Monday, January 27, 2014

Batismos January 27, 2014

This week we BAPTIZED! Not one! Not two! Not three! Not four! But FIVE!!!! Ate que em fim!!! [Until that in order. ?] We baptized I., the lady we have been working with for a while and J. an investigator we found two weeks ago... and we found a family of three who had been to church several times, but were never baptized. A month ago they tied the knot and they wanted to change their lives. We showed up and re-taught them the lessons... invited them to be baptized and they happily accepted. Our Bishop is a good friend of the husband’s and he baptized him! It was sweet!!
Also, I.'s son F. who is 22 and daughter T. who is 25 went to church... They loved it and we are going to start working with them now.

This week I did 14 baptismal interviews!!! I ran around like crazy and we had 15 baptisms in total in my district... as far as I know it’s a record in the mission for baptism is one district in one week... Só milagres! [Only miracles!]
A few annoying things happened this week: Elder Perez was transferred this morning IDK [I don’t know] why! My new comp is elder Paz... it means peace... he should be pretty chill haha. He’s from Espirito Santo (a state in Brasil... it means Holy Ghost haha).

Mom... I think I get home September 7th as it is... but they told there are lots of missionaries wanting to go to school in the fall and President will let us go a few week early if need be... please let the scholarship people at BYUI know that... I didn’t think they understood ha. I finished the essay questions and I’ll type them up here in a sec... The answers aren't very good. I didn’t have much time or inspiration this week. ha
Dad! Congrats on the weight loss! You shed the weight! And the work bench sounds like it’s coming along well.

Ryan, it’s good that you’re bored... it means you will write me more ha. Good idea with the gym membership... that’s what I did when I was bored... And art... for you I think saxophone would be the equivalent.
Remington, you bike-riding stud!! You are a trooper. And I bet your legs are strong as an ox by now. Keep up the hard work.
I love you all and I will send pics!
Elder Miller

From the back and forth:
Dad: How was lunch?
Elder Miller: It was good. Chicken stroganof (I have no idea how to spell that.) beans and rice and salad and mashed potatoes...
The owner of the Lan house (where we use the computers) is a member of the church and she makes lunch for us on p-day!


Elder Perez was pooped

The view from our house.

Coffee we took from the family we baptized… We traded them for juice. ha

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