Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interesting Transfer Jan 13, 2014

So this week was interesting...
Elder Lima was transferred and my new companion is Elder Peres from Chile! He still doesn’t speak much Portuguese so it gives me more time to practice Spanish. haha I was his district leader in Almirante Tamandare and I have already been on several divisions with him. He is way cool and a nice guy! It’s gunna be a good transfer.
Also... I’m now in my 6th transfer as district leader... and up until now I have never had sisters in my district... but this transfer they changed the areas around in the zone... so my new district is me… Elder Perez... and 8 sisters. haha. It’s gunna be interesting.

The couple that stopped us in the street went to church and liked it... We went by during the week and explained the Book of Mormon (they had lots of questions about it) and we invited them to read and pray... Unfortunately, instead of praying and asking God... the husband asked the internet... and now they don’t want anything to do with the church :(
BUT we do have an investigator named I. who will hopefully be baptized this week. It’s going really well with her.

We are working like crazy here... and having little success... But it’s going to be a good transfer and I’m going to stay positive regardless of what happens.

[NOTE: With application deadlines looming, we are having to re-apply to college on behalf of Elder Miller, so we had asked him a lot of questions to get it right. And we had encouraged him to send home pictures of any artwork he’s done to re-apply for his art scholarship--thus, the photos.]

Mom, I prefer an exercise physiology major if they have it. And an art minor... basically my focus is dental school and when I was at BYU Idaho, they said an exercise physiology major covers most of the pre-dental courses needed. (Also I like the idea of learning more about fitness... I love working out.)

I just found out that this fall BYU will be opening a DENTAL SCHOOL!!! [This may have been bad information from a spoof.] That’s convenient! ha Please look into that and what I need to do to go there. I think a health since [science?!] major would allow me to fulfill pre-dental requisites but I’m not sure. Also...in Rexburg I was the Sacrament coordinator for a semester. I’ll get working on the essays today.

Oh, and in respect to the art scholarship... I don’t think you can use the owl painting or the painting I did for Dad's office because basically I copied other artists' styles. You probably could use the golf course painting and peacock painting though... they were painted from photos.

Also, I took and edited some pics here on the mish that you might be able to use... I’ll send them in an email and you and Dad can see what you think... I’m also drawing a few things... They are a little random, but next p-day I will send a pic of those as well.
Dad... I didn’t get any pics the workstation... can you send them again? And please help Mom with my art scholarship stuff. I trust your artistic eye ha. I hope that I get one again!

Ryan... it sounds like you are having fun out there! Have you made a sale yet? How does the sales process work now? It sounds like you have a lot of responsibilities now.... and I wish I was there to enjoy your car as well... and Dad’s car ha.
Remington. I love you, Bud. I miss you a bunch. I’m sorry you were bummed about going back to school. Keep your head up buddy. You’re almost done already. Make sure you keep going to seminary because you need to graduate!!!
I love you all,
Elder Miller

From the back and forth:

Yep, I got them now. [Pics Scott sent of the workbench he’s building.] It looks cool. I can’t quite understand everything you are going to do, but it sounds sweet. Are you going to stain or paint the wood? Did you use the router a lot?

Right now those were just pics I took on the mish. I might draw one with pastel today... 
I just messed with the tone curves in a simple program.

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