Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bom Dia! November 4, 2013

Thanks for the b-day wishes!!! It was a good b-day! I had 37 emails this morning in my inbox and so that made my day! haha And I loved my packages... I have to confess that I opened them a day early (patience never was my strong suit)... I loved the candy and peanut butter and cover for Preach My Gospel and everything!! And the camel! ha Thanks Mom and Dad and Remi and Ryan (Ryan I still haven’t got yours yet but it might have arrived already).
This week has probably been the most difficult of my mission. I heard in the mission you have your highest highs and lowest lows, and I’m starting to see that ha. We were supposed to have three or four baptisms in my district this week and we ended up with none :(

We went to N’s house on Thursday and she was fine and excited for her baptism... but on Friday I went to do interviews in my district on the zone leader came to our area to interview N, and when he and Elder Santos got there, she didn’t even want to let them in. She had a dream Thursday night after we left and said she didn’t want to be baptized anymore. She would even listen to the Elders so there was nothing they could do :(
Then the interviews that I had in the other areas didn’t go well either. Two of the three people started off the interviews saying they didn’t want to be baptized and the other has a mental illness that the Elders weren’t aware of (he has breakdowns) and when we showed up at his house to interview him he came outside naked.....
It’s been very frustrating to say the least, but we are going to work our butts of this week so we can baptize this transfer.
Mom! The Halloween decoration looked awesome. And you did a good job on the pumpkin haha. Allie sent me a message today and told me about her call! [Our friend is headed to California on her mission!] That’s awesome! And I’m excited to get my Christmas package!!

Dad the Miata and garage are looking good. Send me an email real quick and we can chat!
Ryan the hot springs look awesome!!! And you’re looking buff! Where’s the pics of the Halloween party?? Has it still not snowed yet? And how was your apartment flooded (what apartments are you staying in?)? Oh, can you accept the Haitians that have requested me on Facebook!
Remington!!! You’re looking big bro!! Thanks for the bday wishes. I liked those Nikes you’re wearing in the Halloween pic! Did you eat lots of candy this year??
Well I love you all and miss you a ton,
Elder Miller

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