Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Near Miss November 11, 2013

Where is my email Mom and Dad and Remi??
[I re-sent it in time and he got it!]
So we baptized this week!!! Wooo!! Finally. It was a miracle ha. We fasted and I found the teaching record of a lady named M. in the area book she went to church several times, was taught everything by the missionaries, but never was baptized… So we went to her house, taught her and invited her to be baptized and she accepted!! Fasting works. ha
Here’s a pic of the baptism!
Elders Miller and Santos with M.
We also took a family of four to church this Sunday. They are awesome. Super elect… but the husband asks tons of questions about deep doctrine so it’s been a challenge teaching them ha. We want to baptize them this week... but we will see how it goes.
This week was way better though. Things are looking up. I did 6 baptismal interviews this week in our zone, so we didn’t have a lot of time to work here in our area but the zone baptized a lot so that’s good!!
Dad, where did you serve in Ecuador? I forgot to ask last week. There’s a missionary in my district from Ecuador and he wants to know what mission you served in!
Mom! Where’s my email!! Did you look into the college stuff for me yet??? If you could apply for me to both BYUs and figure out what classes I need to finish my associates. I will be super grateful!!! I thought of something I’d love for Christmas... if it’s not too late ha. I think I’m fine with hygiene stuff. Maybe another bottle of that shampoo would be good, but with the other stuff I think I have enough to make it the rest of the mish! [So, is he saying I’ve sent too much deodorant and toothpaste???] I’d love some black pants if you could :) I’m asking for a lot today... sorry!!
Remington!! How’s the Eagle project coming a long?? And seminary????

Ryan. I already wrote to you ha… But again the pics look awesome. Wish I could have been there!! [BYU-I Battle of the Bands]

. . .

Got the email finally!!! That’s a sweet invitation!!! I’m sorry you had to postpone the party buddy!!! [Remington was sick on his birthday.] Just postpone it ten more months and I’ll be able to make it haha

I want to see a pic of your bike, Bud!!! It sounds awesome!! So sorry you were sick on your bday!!!
Mom, thanks for emailing ha I was sad because I thought I didn’t get one! What words did Caroline [Scarlett] say? [A little girl in our primary program mentioned all our ward's missionaries by name and made me cry.] I’m confused. I’m super excited for the package though!!

Dad, I want pics of the workbench stuff too!

Love you all!
[After getting the pictures:]
Remi’s a man already haha That bike looks sweet!!!

Okay, good!!! You look so young mom. You are aging backwards!! Dad too! Haha I want to play with Gidget!!!

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