Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oiii!!! March 18, 2013

Oiii tudo mundo!!
Happy B-day mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50 years old? I think so, ha!!! Only 551 weeks until I come home and can give you a big hug!! Whoo!
[Photo from my (Mom's) surprise B-day dinner. I received a wonderful missionary countdown block set. I was so proud that my guess for the picture was 551 days, when I got home and checked it was actually 558! But the next morning Remington pointed out that the block actually says "weeks." Now, that would be a L-O-N-G mission! The actual number is now 78 weeks! Tomorrow is the 6th month/Quarter mark!!!]
Thank you for the email; I loved hearing all about your weeks. Mom's B-day sounded super fun. You're are living it up!! Ha, Mom congrats on the progress with your novel and for stepping in Truman's poop [Don't ask.]. Remi, congrats on the back pack blower, you little stud. Dad email me back! ha

So this week was another good one. We found two awesome families and we have been teaching them almost every day! They are progressing really well and I am excited to see what happens. This coming Sunday we have a family that should be baptized. It's a single mom and her two sons ... Her sons love us, haha. We played soccer with them for about 10 minutes the other day (I'll send a pic) and afterwords cut their hair (in prep for their baptisms) ... They both said they wanted "hair like Elder Miller." Ha. We also did a huge family home evening with 3 families and watched "The Testaments," a movie from the church about when Christ visited the Americas. (Have you seen it?) It was so spiritual and lots of people cried. ha.

But hopefully next week we will have 5 baptisms!!!
Mom, only the jacket was missing from my package. I guess some mail worker was cold. I'm glad he wasn't hungry though, because the candy and peanut butter and protein bars were so good! Thank you!

I think that's all for now ... I'm having a serious brainfart. I will send some pics and try and think of more news!
But I love you all.
Tchau, [Good-bye]
Elder Miller
[I don't know what or why. Because they are guys and they can, I guess.]

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