Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tranquillo March 11, 2013

Oii tudo mundo [Hello everyone?],
So this week was a good one! I’m not sick any more and I’m feeling great! Back to working out hard in the morning and walking all day in the sun ha!
So the big news!! We had two baptisms!!!!!!!! F. and R. F. is 18 and he is awesome. He wants to serve a mission and it is crazy how fast he has soaked up the gospel. We are teaching his family still and they have come to church the past two Sundays now! The mom and dad smoke but they are progressing well and should stop completely this week.]

R. is 14 and he was a challenge. We have been teaching him for a while and he has changed a ton. IDK [I don’t know] if you remember but Luis ( I baptized with Elder Arrioala) also is 14, and they have hit it off! They are super good friends and I think they are going to serve missions one day!!

R's mom also has changed a ton! She did NOT like the church at first and heard some things about baptisms for the dead... but she let us help R. because she was desperate for help ... but she came to church this Sunday to see his baptism and loved it!! We are teaching the whole family now and they have dates for their baptisms!
We marked 11 baptismal dates Sunday after church and had 10 investigators at church! Milagres [Miracles]!!
Also... I got my packages!!!! Thank you, thank you!! Everything was fine... except the jacket was missing? Was it stolen? I saw you bought insurance so you should use it if it was! But thank you so much, I loved it all! The work out band is awesome and the jump rope will be used a lot!

Other than that my week wasn’t too crazy. Oh, I saw a man bleeding out on the sidewalk and having seizures, but the ambulance got there at the same time we did, so there wasn’t anything we could do.

But that’s all for now. No, Mom I’m not sick. ha I’m not dying... Tranquillo [Chill?]. Sam … congrats!! BYU man!!! Que legal! [That’s cool!] Ryan how was the superman song?? Did you already perform? I want a recording!!! Remi … the backpack blower!!! Minha nossa! [Wow!] Your business is legit, Buddy!
I love you all,
Elder Miller

I’m sending pics!

Elders Miller and A Silva

Elder Miller with a ward friend who often goes tracting with them.

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