Monday, August 19, 2013

Oi August 19, 2013


This week was pretty good. We didn’t baptize :( But A. was confirmed and we marked two dates with C. and T. for this Sunday!!! (T. is E. and Gr.’s son) E. and Gr. marked their marriage this week... but I don’t think I will be here to see it :( But I’m super happy/excited for them!
We got an awesome reference this week . . . his name’s C., and he has been to church multiple times already . . . he’s been dating a member for a while (but was never interested in talking to the missionaries), but this Sunday he came up to us, and asked us if we could pass by!!! Batismo! [Baptism!]
We’ve been focusing a lot on finding new investigators this week (Pres. Monteiro wants the mission to teach 80 percent news [new investigators] every week) and it’s been challenging. We knock a lot of doors, teach a lot of firsts and cut a lot of investigators, but hopefully it pays off.
Dad I’m glad you’re NOT blind! That was scary. And from the way you described it, I don’t think I ever want paint thinner in my eye . . . ha The new work bench looks sweet! I’m excited for you to build it!
Mom, congrats on the A, you nerd. I hope I do as well as you’re doing when I get back. I’m worried I’ve forgotten a lot. ha You’re going to have to help me with my English I think . . . ha

[I already am, son—believe me!]

I haven’t gotten the package. I’m sure it there in the office but the zone leaders don’t go every week . . . but they should go this Tuesday to pick up the letters and packages, so I bet I get it this week.  

Ryan, to answer your questions . . . our house is a cribs-worthy mansion! It’s huge and has a swimming pool . . . Not really . . . It’s super old and tiny, and moldy and dusty. We clean a ton, but it gets dirty super fast, because it’s so dusty here (there are no asphalt streets). We have a washer, but no dryer. I’ll take some pics and send them next week. ha And yes. we do have a cell phone . . . an old Nokia. ha I’m excited for a modern cell after the mish.

Remington, bud! You’re a sophomore!! Crazy! I’m glad you’re liking the classes so far.  Send me a pic of your new Nikes!!! Tal bom?? [Good?]
Amo vocês [I miss you guys.]
Im abraço [Hugs,]
Elder Miller

[Reece didn't send pictures. And he only hinted at being transferred. I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see . . .]

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