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Finally! April 10, 2011

Oii tudo mundo,

So this week has been pretty good. Mom you already knew about it [Moms on know everything!] but I went to the temple today! It was awesome. The temple here is super pretty and I really needed a nice visit to the temple! I’ll try and send a pic if my batteries on my camera will last to do it... they are almost dead.

But this week I wrote down a bunch of notes and stuff of things I wanted to tell you..... First off, we now have an hour and a half to send emails!! It doubled! So we can email anyone we want now! The first presidency sent a letter to all the mission presidents in the world that missionaries now have twice as long to send emails ha!!! Que benção! [That blessing!]

Also this week a dog bit me... It was a big one but it didn’t draw blood... We were knocking a door... and two dogs came running out, but there was a gate, and they stopped there and were barking at us. I was looking at them, and then I felt something bite my leg! Another dog had run up from behind and bit me ha. I was mad! But it didn’t hurt that bad, just scared me a little bit. Safado! [Devious!] Ha

But other than that its all good news. Our pesquisadores [investigators] are progressing really well!!!! One of the families we're teaching marked their marriage! A. is a member that was inactive but we’ve got him coming back to church and he is doing really well. D. is progressing really well, and she received an answer when she prayed about the Book of Mormon! Tonight we are going to mark her baptismal date. It’s going to take like 30 days because you have to wait 30 days for the marriage to process... but I’m still super excited and super happy for them... I love their family!

We also have a family we are teaching... R., F. and their 6 kids! After I emailed last week, we went to their house, taught them, marked a baptismal date, and took their cigarettes and coffee from them (we traded for herbal tea and nesquik ha) and they haven’t smoked or drank since! I think today is day 9! I’m super happy for them, and they are on track to be baptized on the 20th!

Also last week... we were walking in the street, and looking for a few houses of people we had contacted. We were having a hard time finding this one house, walking up and down the street... I saw this guy up on the third floor of his house doing laundry, and he waved at me... I waved back, and we kept walking... but then I really felt like we should go talk to him... so we went back and knocked his door (clapped at the gate) he came out and let us in right away. As we started teaching, I was blown away by how prepared he was to receive the gospel. I seriously thought he was messing with us ha (like maybe he was a member we didn’t know or something)... The first thing he asked was why there are so many churches now days, because Christ only had one..... Me and my comp were just looking at each other smiling so big haha! It blew my mind!!! And I know without a doubt that our Father in Heaven helped us find him. His name is J. and he has a date for the 28th of April. He’s already read about half the Book of Mormon. He’s super intelligent and he’s a cop. haha It’s awesome!!!

Oh, dad I have a question for you... the other day I read that scripture in Ezekiel 37:16 about the two sticks, and referring to the book of Mormon as a record of the people of Ephraim (explained by the bible dictionary under ´´Ephraim, stick of´´).. But then the next day I read in Alma 10:3 that Lehi is a descendant of Manasseh ha (I’m reading the book of Mormon in Portuguese). But why is that? I was a little confused... do you know? [Scott's answer next week...]

Ryan, on P-day, I do play soccer a little. I’m actually getting really good at juggling with my feet. I can do some cool tricks with the ball my Brazilian comp taught me ha. We also play ultimate Frisbee with our zone sometimes ha, I would rather play football... but we don’t have one here. :( Also, where is my video from your concert? The pics you sent last week didn’t work btw. You have to send them as attachments. Oh also, when will summer sales start for you???

Mom... what’s the news on the novel??? Did you guys not send a big email this week??? I only got pics!!!!

Remi, how’s the blower? Are you excited to hang out with Ryan????

Well that’s all for now. If you email me back I still have a good amount of time. :)

I love you all,

Elder Miller

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