Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Almirante Tamandare April 1, 2013

Almirante Tamandare is awesome!!! I'm loving it here! This week has been super exciting! The area is huge! I thought my last area was big... but this area is 4 whole cities. We only work in Almirante Tamandare, though, because it would be very time consuming and unpractical to travel to the other cities, and I doubt anyone would be able to come to church. ha ... But we are having a lot of success this week and focused on finding new people to teach.

We found two awesome families and taught them each twice ... and both of them came to church!! They loved it because it was Easter Sunday and all of the talks in Sacrament meeting were very powerful and about the Savior and His atonement. After Pday is over today we have plans to go and visit them both. The mom of one of the families smokes and its going to be a challenge to help her stop, but we are working on it!!

We also have a family that is really special. A week before I got here the Elders found a young lady in the street named D. and made an appointment to teach her and her family ... and when they showed up, they found out that her husband was already baptized in the Church ... He's been inactive for 9 years, and has been really wanting to come back and missing it ... So we have been teaching him and D. and their two sons and its been so cool. They are all progressing really well, and A., the husband is studying the book of Mormon like crazy and reading tons of church books! And when we taught about the law of chastity, he and D. went the next day to mark their wedding! He had been smoking and drinking and the day we taught the word of wisdom he stopped with it all and now he is helping his wife quit smoking too. They all went to church this past week, and in gospel principles [class] A. was making awesome comments and asking super good questions! It so cool seeing him come back to the church and helping his family in the process! I am so excited for them and so happy we are helping.

Some random facts this week ... We ran into a drunk guy in the street, named M,. and he was following us a round for a while talking really obnoxiously ... so when we passed one of the outdoor gyms (like a playground for old people) I invited him to work out with us... so we started doing stretches with him, and he ``taught´´ us a few exercises. ha. Elder Reeves was dying laughing ... But I was keeping a straight face and trying to copy him. He was plastered. Then afterwards we helped him home and got his address ... We might pass by this week. ha.

We have also been playing a fun contact game ... We have to contact 140 people every week and sometimes it can be really hard to stay motivated ... so we have been making it more fun. As we see a person walking towards us, one of us will say a random word in Portuguese and the other one has to use that word in the contact. It's been super fun and we have done some really good contacts this week ha!

Today we hiked a mountain close to our house and the few [view] was awesome... I'll send pics! Our area has toooonnnsss of hills so every day is a good workout ha. Also, there are tons of orange trees here so we just pick them and eat them in the street. Oh, also I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube ha. Elder Reeves is really good at it and he taught me this week. ha

But I'm happy to hear that you're are doing well. Ryan, where's my video of the solo? Remi!!!! Why were you trying to swim, silly kid? ha Did you get lots of Easter candy? They do celebrate Easter here. Everyone gives these huge chocolate eggs (we got lots of chocolate:)) ...  speaking of driving crazy ... did you see the new James bond yet? I saw the DVDs on display here this week.

But that's all for now. I will send pics!!!!
Love you all!!!
Elder Reece Miller!

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