Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally! January 8, 2013

So, this week has been crazy!!!!

I'll start with the good news... we had a baptism! His name is Luis and he is an elect! He's only 13 and he's been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and memorized everything we taught him... and now he is already talking about serving a mission!! And his family is all progressing too, they are all awesome and hopefully we will baptize his mom and younger brother this week!

So the sad news... I lost my trainer... He's in Curitiba now as a Zone Leader there... and my new comp will arrive tomorrow. His name is Elder A. Silvia and he is Brazilian.. and he sounds like a cool guy... but I'm a little sad to have lost my trainer already... it very unusual to loose a trainer after one transfer, but for some reason a few of the new missionaries, including me, are getting new trainers... and it's a little nerve racking, because my new comp has never been to Ponta Grossa, so I have to know all the people and where they live... but I think I will be OK. Ha I have been praying a lot this week! But Elder Arriola was a good comp and we were getting a long really well together so it's sad that he's gone... But I guess it's time to learn from Elder A. Silvia now.

So yesterday my comp went to Curitiba and I'm here now with the Zone Leaders waiting for my comp to arrive... and yesterday I didn't email because we were cleaning an apartment for sisters because they are opening a new area in our zone... so we cleaned all day haha Best p-day ever!

But that's all for this week, please keep me in your prayers... I need them like crazy ha.
And why haven't you written an email for the past two weeks? Clearwater looks fun and I want to hear about it! I love you all!

Love, Elder Miller

[We did write our Elder the past two weeks. But we all write on one email and for the past two weeks they got sent to the wrong email address. But thanks to Elder Miller's wonderful friends in Ponta Grossa, he got to read his emails this morning! But boy did it break my heart to find out he hadn't gotten anything but the pictures I'd sent!!!]

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